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“Great for the whole family! We initially wanted to do one of the many ghost tours, but reading each one’s description, none seemed to be immersive unless we booked an “investigation” on our own. My good friends came up from Orlando and my husband and I wanted to do something super fun but also interactive not just listening to stories and trying to listen to a guided tour. That’s when we found Dark Endeavors! AND THEY DID NOT DISAPPOINT!! It was like if national treasure (scavenger hunt style) and an escape room had a baby! The “game” has a great storyline that immerses you in the rich history of st. Augustine! We got history lessons, we got clues, we used black lights, we decoded cyphers, free mason symbols, running all over the city all to get the code to unlock the box!!! What’s in the box?!?!? (Insert the movie 7 voice here) We did the mystery tour but we will definitely be back to do the murder one as well! We now are the record holders of FASTEST solve time with 44 minutes left! WE CHALLENGE YOU TO BEAT IT! Leave your review with your completed time! Well what are you waiting for?! Quit reading this review and BOOK THIS AWESOME ADVENTURE!!!” ~ Gianna K.

“I booked the mystery walk for a birthday surprise for my husband. We had SO much fun! We were put with a group of 4 that we had never met before the tour. The game really brings strangers together quickly. The game itself was great, and Chuck’s odd facts about St. Augustine throughout the tour, made it that much better! Highly recommend for an off the beaten path activity while in St. Augustine. Can’t wait to go back to try the murder walk!” ~ Juliene B.

“Wow!!!! This is one of the best things we did on our trip. The tour guide was very informative and really got into the character. Highly recommended!” ~ Ray B.

“We did the murder tour and it was amazing! Love the history and very friendly guides!” ~ Erika C.

“Well worth the money. Give the Murder walk a shot. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Just a fun couple of guys to hang with.” ~ Chris L.

“Had fun discovering new places and learning new things about the city both historically and currently. The guide was quirky and knowledgeable. It was a pretty awesome night.” ~ Amanda M.

“Chuck knew so much about the history of Saint Augustine, and the experience of a private walking tour with a real person who has a true passion for his hometown (instead of an ersatz pirate or kitschy ghoul) was refreshing. I highly recommend this tour.” ~ Marie R.

“Went on the Mystery tour just before Christmas with a good friend and we had a great time. Chuck and Star are great guides through St Augustine and have really created a fun, interesting and challenging game for the tour. We spent about 90 minutes walking around St Augustine, learning a lot and solving puzzles. If you love adventure and solving puzzles you will love this tour. It was lots of fun and I we will be doing the Murder tour next time. I highly recommend the Mystery tour.” ~ Julie Ann M.

“Wonderful tour! Very personal and delightfully eerie! A great way to learn about St. Augustine’s darker history!” ~ Jessica N.

“This is an awesome concept and very enjoyable! Much more fun than an escape room! Would definitely recommend to all! 10/10!” ~ Amanda L.

“My husband, teenage son and I did both tours this evening with Chuck and Star and had the best time. We started our evening with the mystery tour and solved it with 27 minutes to spare. The puzzles were challenging without being overly difficult. After that we did the murder walk and learned fascinating stories of the darker side of St. Augustine’s history. You can really feel the passion for the area. This was one of the few times our teenager talks about how much he enjoyed one of out family adventures. If you are thinking about taking one of these tours, stop thinking about it and just book it. You will not regret it.” ~ Crystal R.

“Did this with friends tonight, a lot of fun! Our guide was awesome! Lots of history knowledge and passionate about his job. The mystery tour was a fun game. We enjoyed the puzzles and clues. Definitely recommend.” ~ Destiny L.

“Amazing adventure into the past with a super knowledgeable tour guide who obviously did painstakingly in-depth research into the local past to provide a one of a kind experience. I definitely will be doing this again with more friends!” ~ Michael S.

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